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You can access the following tools to identify your strengths and other areas linked to thriving.


DesirableDyslexia VIA

VIA survey is the only free scientific survey of character strengths in the world. Values in Actions (VIA) character strengths survey will inform your personal strengths at the end of the completion of this survey. If you are an individual with dyslexia you can take the VIA survey on this website. Desirable Dyslexia website will let you complete the VIA survey enabling additional supportive technology such as the survey text can be read out to you by the computer in order to accommodate dyslexia associated challenges. In addition, the functions such as change of font, font size , colour etc.


DesirableDyslexia Uni-Stride

The measure of academic tenacity is a valid and reliable scale to identify your academic tenacity and self-composure which also contributes to overall thriving. If you are a student ( University, College or High School) you can identify whether you are strong on Tenacity, Composure or on both areas.


If you are interested in additional information on Desirable Dyslexia and related research work, you can find a list of published research articles and resources below.

Thriving Dyslexia
Languishing to Thriving Dyslexia
Dyslexia Character Strengths
Success in Failure

For Young

After the launch of Desirable Dyslexia project for adults we recieved multiple queries from teachers, parents and students requesting a dyslexia friendly access to VIA survey. We now have enabled the VIA survey for youth on our website. If you are a student ages between 10-17 year , you can complete this VIA Youth Survey in order to identify your strengths.


  • 2013-2015

    Our Beginnings

    Desirable Dyslexia Project was launched as part of a PhD research. We recognised the extraordinary strengths of people with dyslexia yet having limited scientific evidence to celebrate such strengths. It was also an initiative to help people with dyslexia identify their strengths, if they have not had the opportunity to explore strengths aspect of their character. At the first phase of the project, we were supported by Professor Martin Seligman, Dr. Ryan Niemiec and the team at VIA Institute by giving permission to use the VIA Strengths Survey on Desirable Dyslexia website and supporting this initiative.

  • 2015-2019

    Thriving Dyslexia

    With the help of our participants' responses to the Desirable Dyslexia Project, we have identified the key factors that contribute to 'thriving'. We have also identified the top strengths of people with dyslexia. If you are interested in these findings, please go to the research area and you will be able to access the research publications.

  • 2019- To date

    For Young

    We are now expanding our work to help young people with dyslexia identify their strengths.

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Our Project Team

Chathurika Kannangara

Research Lead

Assistant Professor in Psychology, University of Bolton. UK

Prof. Jerome Carson

Research Supervisor

Professor in Psychology, University of Bolton. UK

Rosie Allen

Research Assistant

Department of Psychology, University of Bolton. UK

Dr. Sowmya Puttaraju

Research Associate, India

Samurdhi Munasinghe

Technology Associate

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